My name's
Chris Randle.

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I'm a freelance composer and sound
designer for video games
and other media.

I Provide

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High quality music. Each project is
unique and the style is determined
by your specifications.

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Bespoke sound effects; all
designed, optimised and tailored to
suit your needs.

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Professional service. Friendiness,
responsiveness and
reliablility without ego or jargon.

  • Game audio implementation using an engine, audio middleware or by liasing with a dev team.
  • Editing pre-existing audio. Applying volume changes, effects and batch processing large amounts of files.
  • Organising and directing voiceover sessions using professional voice actors and specialist studios.
  • Production of audio for video including trailers, milestones and promotions.


About Me

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My Midlands based studio is the result of years of fascination over different ways to make sound. I collect all kinds of instruments, microphones and libraries and spend my time combining them to create unique and inspiring audio. 
My career started at Blitz Games Studios after graduating from Westminster University. Over four and a half years I worked on titles spanning most major platforms and gained experience collaborating with development teams and using audio middleware. In my spare time I wrote music that was featured on prime time television, produced soundtracks for indie games and began to establish myself as a freelance composer and sound designer. In August 2013 I decided to put all of my effort into freelancing. Since then I've worked on a number of indie, Facebook and iOS games, as well as writing music for adverts and production libraries.

Contact Me

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